Why Adafy loves Blazor

At Adafy the .NET development work is our bread and butter. Some of us have been doing .NET web development since 2003 and we have encountered many technologies during these years: We have battled with postbacks in ASP.NET WebForms, tried our wings with AJAX Control toolkit and, of course, created apps using Silverlight.

Now, there’s Blazor. And in many ways it feels like the solution we have been waiting for. A framework that we can include into our existing .NET Web Apps. A framework that can create the dynamic content where Javascript was needed before. A framework that can use our existing libraries and a framework which allows us to leverage our existing knowledge of C# and .NET.

We can’t say that Blazor will completely replace Javascript, but having more options is always a good thing. And we feel that Blazor can help you build your apps quicker and with better quality than you’ve been able to do before.

We’re not afraid to say it: Adafy loves Blazor.

C# instead of Javascript?

Yes! Blazor is based on C# and it can be used to add dynamic content into your ASP.NET Core Web App. There’s no need to copy-paste Javascript into your app anymore, instead you can leverage your existing C# and .NET knowledge.

Two Main Scenarios for Blazor

There are two main scenarios where Blazor can be used: To enhance your existing applications with more dynamic content or to build brand new WebAssembly-based SPA applications.

Enhance your existing ASP.NET Core Web Apps

The current sweetspot for using Blazor is when it is used to enhance existing ASP.NET Core Web Apps. If your application is built using ASP.NET Core and you are using .NET Core version 3.1, you’re good to go.

The Blazor components can be added into existing Razor pages and they can be used to add the dynamic features instead of having to use Javascript. When you build the dynamic web components using Blazor, you can share the code between your Razor Pages and your Blazor components: The Blazor components can use your existing .NET Core code, like the REST clients and JSON.NET.

Build a brand-new WebAssembly based SPA

Blazor can be used to build a complete SPA-application which you can host without ASP.NET Core or without any other server components.

In the SPA-model Blazor uses the WebAssembly-model. WebAssembly for Blazor is in preview but the first official release is expected for May 2020.

If you build your Blazor application using WebAssemblies, you can still use .NET Standard libraries, Nuget packages and all the other goodness you have come to expect when building web apps using .NET Core.


Adafy is a Microsoft Gold Partner with 15 developers, located in Finland. Our experts have been there since the start of Blazor, working hands-on on enhancing existing Web Apps and building new systems using Blazor.

We have helped to move the Blazor community forward by creating tools and libraries like Blazor for Adaptive Cards and Blazor EventAggregator. We already have multiple Blazor-based systems on production so we know what works and what doesn’t. We know how to write maintainable Blazor components.

What we offer

Bootstrap your Blazor skills or find a team of experienced developers to help with your Blazor application development.

Blazor courses and workshops

Are you interested in kick-starting your organization’s Blazor skills? We at Adafy can help you with that.

We provide two different introduction courses:

  • How to start replacing Javascript with C# and Blazor in ASP.NET Core
  • Building maintainable Blazor components

Each course is 2 hours long and is provided through Teams. The courses are available in Finnish and in English.

We also provide tailor-made workshops for your organization. These workshops usually focuses on making your existing application more Blazor-friendly.

The courses and workshops are given by Mikael Koskinen, a four-time Microsoft MVP and a .NET developer since 2003.

You can learn more of Mikael from his blog or from his GitHub repositories.

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Blazor application development

Are you in need of updating your existing ASP.NET Core app to .NET Core 3.1 and to Blazor? Or are you thinking of building a completely new SPA app using Blazor?

We at Adafy offer Blazor and .NET Core application development services. Our developers can work as a part of your existing development team or we can take care of the whole application lifetime, from the design to development and to maintenance.

We provide our application development services in Finnish and in English. Most of are located in Jyvaskylä, Finland.



The next steps

If you are interested in bootstrapping your Blazor skills or have a need for Blazor developers, send us an email with your scenario.

If it seems that your needs and our skills can match, let’s book a Teams meeting.

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